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Baffle Bag Designs

We are the industry experts when it comes to understanding the stringent requirements on safe transportation, storage and handling of your packed mining ores and mineral products. Our Q bags are perfect fit for the same. we fully understand the risks you are facing bags supplied by us as per requirements with or without liners and all.
Arsion Petrochem Baffle Bulk Bags are designed with inner baffles that help maintain the bag’s original shape even after it has been filled. In addition, it provides perforated panels inside the bag, ensuring that the product flows uniformly into the corners.

To further Improve form stability, stackability and, storage space, special internal fabric baffles (panels of fabric sheet) are sewn to adjacent corners internally. This helps retain the cubic shape of the bag, generally employed to Four-Panel or U-Panel bags.

  • Form Stable
  • Available baffles: standard and cord
  • Supplied with or without a liner
  • Various filling and discharging options
  • Available with or without coating
  • Optimization of truck and container loading
  • Safe and effortless handling, storage and transport
  • Minimise risk during transport, storage and handling.
  • Maximise Protection of mineral quality to avoid contamination.
  • Protection against physical damage of the product inside.
  • Excellent quality control
  • Forms square package
  • Improves storage capacity by up to 30%
  • Square footprint provides for efficient space utilization
  • Excellent stability and stackability