International certifications

Big Bags undergo stringent internal quality tests and are manufactured in a quality system that complies with standard regulations UNI EN ISO9001:2015. Test certificates are issued by the most important International Institutes and are easily accessible for all our customers, together with UN approvals for the transportation of dangerous goods.

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“Air-son Fibc is a India based company working towards excellence in the Production of Big Bags, and believe in pursuing business through innovation and technology. Our team comes with several years of industry experience, and comprise of a highly motivated set of specialists. We are a experienced, dedicated and energetic team, cognizant of the market and our customer's requirements. Our outstanding products & service facilitates clients' objectives in meeting optimal solutions. We are proud of our achievements and partnerships we have built with clients. If you are looking for a reliable partner in growth and development, AIRSON FIBC is ready to work with you! We are able to provide quality products and on time delivery. Packaging is a key element of success; therefore, we believe collaboration with clients is key in delivering the best results. As a manufacturer, we provide our customers with confidence in quality and on-time delivery. Experience is everything and we have been manufacturing and distributing our bags since 2014. We understand the importance of having the quality bags when you need them. With our friendly service and technical expertise, there is no need to go anywhere else for your bags. Contact us for a quote on any of our bags. The mission of AIRSON FIBC is to fill a need for top quality, safe packaging at a fair price while providing superior service and high integrity to our customers. AIRSON FIBC is a leading FIBC bags manufacturer offering cost effective container solutions in form of FIBC bulk bags. Used for bulk packaging, these intermediate bulk containers can reduce your freight costs, warehousing costs and your handling costs with flexible packaging options. Have a look at some of the major advantages of these FIBC bulk bags


RESISTANT AND SAFE Big Bags can withstand a load of 1000 times their own weight. No matter what the material contained into the big bag may be, there won’t be any leakages in the surrounding environment.


RECYCLABLE AND REUSABLE Big Bags consist of 100% polypropylene and are totally recyclable. They can be used over and over, on condition that their technical characteristics are taken into consideration.


FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USE Big Bags can be folded to take up little space in the warehouse. Filling and emptying operations are simple. Big Bags eliminate the use of pallets by means of an integrated lifting device.



customer orientation

international vocation

organization and efficiency

the compass of change

The company builds a trust-based relationship with its employees encouraging them to express their point of view on business decisions and corporate strategies. The open-mindedness of the company is also expressed through an accurate selection of consultants and external partnerships to optimize the work organization and evaluate new approaches to enter the international market.

Customer requirements and expectations are crucial for AIRSON corporate strategies. A complete evaluation of the needs of the market, characterized by different interlocutors and belonging to various sectors, leads to the design of the product. AIRSON involvement in the design phase depends on whether or not the customer already uses Big Bags. A continuous relationship with reliable suppliers makes them real partners with whom commercial relations have been established long ago, thus ensuring the highest quality of the final product. AIRSON suppliers are carefully chosen according to strict selection standards that take into consideration many relevant aspects, most of all the prevention of child labour.

AIRSON is an Italian company that looks beyond its borders. Investing in human resources, in their career growth and in medium and long-term marketing strategies. AIRSON is strongly aimed at spreading into foreign markets in addition to the Italian one, which has been up to now the largest source of revenue today. Entering the European market more strongly means extending the offer of Big Bags also to sectors in which, on the national territory, Big Bags are not being used yet, while in other countries they have already been adopted as favourite packaging solution.

AIRSON has been working over the years to become an increasingly efficient and dynamic structure as well as to be able to embark upon new projects, to meet new challenges and opportunities in a marketplace which is rapidly changing. All of this requires clarity and sharing, investing in marketing strategies and technologies besides people. AIRSON has chosen to organize its workplace on processes instead of functions, to simplify decision-making procedures as well as increase the forecasting on the basis of accurate analysis. Its Vision, namely to be the authoritative guide and privileged interlocutor of the sector, is closely linked to the ability to predict change and suggest an adequate response. AIRSON is competitive, in the way that it tries to simplify and shorten the manufacturer-customer relationship, increasing the quality and opening up to new products.

Sustainability, Harmony, Efficiency, Profitability are the cardinal points that guide AIRSON and orient its choices, in order to face up to the change and always play the lead role.


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container provided by AIRSON guarantee the highest level of security. Each big bag is tested both internally and by certified European institutes according to ISO 21898 regulations, for all that concerns the transportation of not dangerous goods (international standard that defines the technical specifications of the big bags) and according to the A.D.R. regulations for on the road transportation of dangerous goods. On the label of each big bag, together with information on trial tests, there are more details about the big bag construction and instruction for usage. .