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1&2 Loop Designs

Single loop bag has one loop on the main fabric of bag and Double loop bag has two loops on the main fabric of bag. Compared to the standard four loop bags, these bags have different construction. Besides being an economical alternative, these bags also serve as the best packaging solution for granular and powdered bulk material.

Also called Fertilizer bags, they are one of the popular offerings . 1 and 2 loop bulk bags are available in capacities from 500 to 2000 kg and in standard specifications. They consist of an outer bag with integrated lifting loops. The bulk bags can have coated or uncoated fabric and be fitted with a liner, depending on the customer’s requirements. Filling and discharge spouts are optionally available. Big bags are best suited for transporting and storing fertiliser, seeds, animal feeds, cement and minerals etc. ​ These bags are manufactured so that the bag’s fabric is used as a ‘lifting loop’. The total production capacity of Airson for Single Loop Bag is close to 300 thousand bags per year.

  • These bags can be made from coated or uncoated fabrics as per customer's requirement and are available with printing upto 4 colours.
  • Umasree's 1 & 2 Loop FIBC Bags are made with 100% Virgin Polypropylene (PP), with SWL Range of 500 kg to 1500kg.
  • 1 & 2 Loop FIBC’s are suitable for a big range of bulk products: fertilisers, animal feed, seeds, cement, minerals, chemicals, food etc.
  • 1 & 2 Loop FIBC’s are a cost-effective bulk-handling solution for transporting, storing and protecting different types of bulk products.
  • Available with or without coating
  • Optimization of truck and container loading
  • Safe and effortless handling, storage and transport
  • Minimise risk during transport, storage and handling.
  • Maximise Protection of mineral quality to avoid contamination.
  • Protection against physical damage of the product inside.
  • Excellent quality control
  • Most cost-effective form of packaging based on a cost-to-weight ratio
  • Ease of handling, self-supporting single or double point of lift
  • High durability and strength
  • Excellent stability and stackability