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U Panel Designs

We offer the most acceptable range of U-panel corner loop bags designed for extremely safe working load weights. U-Panel bulk bags (FIBC) are made of a single fabric on one side, bottom, and opposite side panel, creating a “U” shape.

A large piece of fabric yarn flexed in a “U” shape and, two side panels of fabric are, sewn to each of the opposite sides. Once constructed; attains square shape when filled. Form stability improved further by providing inner baffles. U-panel bags serve as a cost-effective bulk packaging solution and, high safe working loads with much-improved durability.

  • Manufactured from 100% virgin polymer which is fabricated into a flat-woven polypropylene material.
  • The U-Panel design utilizes one long piece of material in a U-shape with two opposite panels sewn together to the U to shape the bag.
  • Large lifting capacity that includes corner handles for extra strength.
  • The width can vary from 90cm-100cm and be customized further.
  • SWL (safe working load): 500kg to 2500kg
  • Suitable for various filling and discharge options.
  • SF (safety factor): 5:1 or 6:1
  • Industry-standard across the globe.
  • Superior strength holding heavyweights
  • Fewer stress areas on the bag bottom
  • Square appearance due to vertical side seams
  • Good for fine products that sift
  • Excellent quality control
  • Forms square package
  • U-panel FIBCs are often used to store heavy products such as minerals, oxide powder, titanium, etc
  • In addition, they can also be used to store plastic resins, aluminum waste, super sacks of rubber mulch, construction soil, etc.
  • Excellent stability and stackability