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Circular Bag Designs

Circular Bag or Tubular Bag is a common shape of FIBC used primarily in the packaging of solid dry bulk products. These bags are designed with a single piece of fabric, turning it into a tube-like, cylindrical shape, while it’s sewn at the top & bottom with flat panels. This gives the bag a cylindrical structure. Due to the tubular design of these bags, they do not have any seams at the vertical edges. This makes them more spacious, increases their load capability, and at the same time, allows you to stack them on top of the other, saving valuable storage space.

A valuable alternative to four-panel bags. Constructed using a circular loom and hight adjusted cuts are made to give a smooth confined shape with no vertical seams. The tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials. They are circular in name only and will take a regular “square” shape when filled with product.

  • Form Stable
  • Available baffles: standard and cord
  • Supplied with or without a liner
  • Various filling and discharging options
  • Available with or without coating
  • Optimization of truck and container loading
  • Safe and effortless handling, storage and transport
  • Minimise risk during transport, storage and handling.
  • Maximise Protection of mineral quality to avoid contamination.
  • Protection against physical damage of the product inside.
  • Excellent quality control
  • Forms square package
  • Improves storage capacity by up to 30%
  • Square footprint provides for efficient space utilization
  • Excellent stability and stackability