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PP Woven Bag Designs

PP Woven Bags are widely used in almost every big industry such as Food, Construction, Agriculture, Fertilizer, Seeds, Cement, Chemicals Postal/Parcel etc. There are many important things that matter in the production of quality PP Woven fabric bags. Our years of experience help us manufacture the best quality PP Woven bags. Apart from that the color, thickness, and the mesh are very much important in it.

The advance machinery in our plant ensures that our customers get the top-quality fabric in their bags. Since all this process is based on the calculations and material ratio, we make sure that no quality issues arise during the process through our stringent quality testing. The packaging world has evolved with time and novelty has been added whenever it was required. Today, woven bags, being an inseparable part of the packaging business, have its own special reputation in the industry. Since AIRSON is among one of the top manufacturers of PP woven bags, we aptly know what our customers need and goes best for them.

  • BOPP Laminated Bags – Manufactured using premium quality materials
  • Sand bags – High quality sand bags and sacks
  • Valve Bags – Manufactured according to specifications and are available in different colors, shapes and sizes, in laminated and un-laminated variety
  • Wool Packs – More wool can be packed due to superior strength
  • Woven Sacks with Liner – For packaging fine chemicals, sugar, fertilizers etc.
  • Bags/Sacks with tie-string
  • Outside Lamination Bags
  • Gusset Bags
  • Box Bags – Available in varied sizes and shapes and offer high durability