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Container Bag Designs

This is a single bag for a container, where customers can fill the material directly in to the bag. The container liners has air vent, fill spout and discharge spout facilities.

Container liner bag used for transporting the bulk quantity of material it means 10MT in 1 x 20' or 20MT in 1 x 40'container. By using this container bag we can save the cost of packaging or in other words where we are using 40 No. of bulk bag for transporting the material we can use only one container liner bag, so we can save the packaging cost as well as handling cost of material. This bag are use mainly for transporting the granulated/powdered material.

The container liner bag is design as per the container size(1 x 20' or 1 x 40'). Container liner bag has inlet and outlet spout. The fabric used for this bag is coated polypropylene for body and double layer fabric for front and back of bag. It has No. of looms on the top by which we can fix this bag inside the container.

  • Container bags are mainly designed for transportation of large quantities of flowable materials.
  • Designed according to customers’ needs (filling spouts, etc.)
  • Provide optimal protection of the product and custom designed.
  • Increase capacity and cut down on the cost.
  • Easy to install (less than 10 minutes)
  • Fillers match every standard ISO container- 20 ft, 40 ft.
  • Discharged by means of vents, cutting the front side of the container filler or even by suction.
  • Light-weight (20 ft filler = 8kgs.)
  • Safe and effortless handling, storage and transport
  • Minimise risk during transport, storage and handling.
  • Maximise Protection of mineral quality to avoid contamination.
  • Protection against physical damage of the product inside.
  • Excellent quality control
  • Forms square package
  • Improves storage capacity by up to 30%
  • Square footprint provides for efficient space utilization
  • Excellent stability and stackability